NAMI Oregon members and allies band together to influence and improve state and local health care and government systems as they relate to individuals and families affected by mental illness. Members and allies contact state legislators, local government officials, health care administrators, law enforcement representatives and many other people and agencies that touch our lives on a daily basis.

We use the term advocacy in the broadest sense. Nearly everything we do in relation to public outreach and education we believe contributes to our advocacy.

As the state organization, NAMI Oregon’s primary role is to interact with state agencies and the Oregon Legislature to advance NAMI’s mission and policy priorities.

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 Advocacy Updates

October Update
Medicaid expansion is under threat in Oregon with voters going to the polls to decide the issue. And the federal scene is constantly in flux. These are just two issues we’re watching in the month of October.

September Update
Policy activity is heating up as we head into fall. State agencies are drafting rules that implement legislation we favored in the 2017 Legislature. And NAMI Southern Oregon is taking on the issue of solitary confinement for inmates with mental illness.

Session Recap
If you’ve followed along with the Legislature this year, you know that the session finished with a flourish in July. And for NAMI in Oregon, it was all good news at the close of the 2017 Legislature, which is one of our most productive sessions ever.

Legislative Success
May 19, 2017 — NAMI Oregon marks a major achievement as the state Senate Human Services Committee unanimously approves House Bills 3090 and 3091, which are aimed at improving assessment and discharges in Oregon emergency rooms for patients who present with a behavioral health crisis. Read more.

Halfway There
April 27, 2017 — We’re about halfway through the 2017 legislative session. And after the first major deadline for legislation came and went last week, we now have a good idea of what bills are still moving forward and what was cast aside this session. Read more.