NAMI’s free education and support programs help individuals successfully recover from mental illness by providing them and their loved ones with science-based information, wisdom from lived experience, and the opportunity to engage in support networks. These programs raise understanding about mental illness, reduce stigma, and give people affected by mental illness hope and concrete resources for the speediest possible recovery. NAMI Oregon and its 15 local affiliates statewide bring these programs to individuals and families affected by mental illness:


A 10-week, peer-led course emphasizing recovery
from mental illness as a feasible goal.

A 12-week course for families and friends of individuals
with mental illness covering major mental illnesses and
their treatments, medication basics, communication
skills, and more.

Individuals in recovery from mental illness share their
personal stories of illness and recovery to reduce
stigma associated with mental illness and raise
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Una programa de 12 sessiones gratuitas para
familiares, parejas, amigos, y seres queridos
de adultos que viven con un enfermedad mental.

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A 50-minute interactive presentation for middle and
high school students discussing the early warning
signs of mental illness and what to do if they or
someone they know exhibits these signs.
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A 6-week adaption of Family-to-Family customized
for families of Veterans and  active duty military

An 8-hour public education program that helps participants
more easily identify and respond to signs of mental illness
and connect those in need with appropriate services.

A 6-week peer-directed course for parents or 
caregivers of children with a serious mental
illness or emotional disturbance.



A weekly, 90-minute, peer-led support group where people
learn from one another’s experiences, share coping 
strategies, and offer mutual encouragement.
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A monthly meeting where family members can talk
frankly about their challenges and help one another
through lived experience.